Marzena Oberc-Habzda is captivated, inspired as well as challenged by various subjects in nature.  Her focus is on nature's delicate yet powerful beauty, remarkable design and perfect color harmony. 

She is driven by a need to explore and capture a certain sense of light to evoke desired emotion and inner feelings, not easily captured and expressed in words.

Marzena is fascinated with perfect unity, relationship of shapes and harmony of color that nature delivers with such ease and perfection.   This creates constant excitement, drive and a spontaneous approach to the subject.

Inspiration for each painting comes from seeing and experiencing something beautiful, something so captivating that it takes artist's breath away.  

There is so much beauty all around us.  All we have to do is simply see it, respect it, admire it and if you are an artist, bring it to life on canvas.

Marzena Oberc-Habzda's goal is to bring enjoyment and visual fulfillment to the viewer through her work.